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Chamber Type Fuel Powder Curing Oven

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WLD-CO Chamber Type Fuel Powder Curing Oven:


Oven Size: L4600mm×W2400mm×H2200mm

Floor Setting Type

Front and back door both open

1. Technical Parameter:

a) Max Temperature:2500C;

b) Working Temperature:180-2200C;

c) Empty Loading Rising Time:≤45 min。

2. Technical Content:

a) Oven Body:Outside panel adopts δ0.476mm stainless steel,Inside panel adoptsδ0.476mm galvanized stainless steel;

b) Insulating layer adopts volume of 120Kg/m3 rock wool,thickness 100mm;

c) Board and board connected by mosaic structure

d) The ceiling has two explosive-proof holes.

3. Oven Appearance:border white,oven body gray white.

2) Heating System

1. Technical Parameter:

a) Heating source:0# diesel;

b) Power supply:380V;

c) Heating style: Hot air recycling

2. Technical Content:

Recycling fan:rated loading  type water-cool Centrifugal fan  Model:4-72-3.6#C-3KW    1set

Air Capacity:5268m3/H       Full pressure:989pa

Burner:G20   Oil Consumption:8-16kg/h    Power:320w

3. In-out air duct:adopt δ0.8mm bended galvanized stainless,outer fiber cloth,heat insulation EPS,thickness 50mm;

4. In-out wind groove:adopt δ0.8mm bended galvanized stainless,Inside oven uniformly distributed,Adjustable air flow shutter,assure inside oven temperature uniformly;

5. Heat exchanger:200000 Kcal/hour/set(1set);

6. Inside panel adopts δ1.0mm galvanized steel sheet,outside panelδ1.2mmgalvanized steel sheet;

7. Thermal barrier adopts 10mm thickness aluminum silicate,Temperature resistance 8000C;Thermal barrier adopts 150mm of volume of 120Kg/M3 rock wool;

8. Internal bladder made of stainless steel

3) Control Setting :

1. Automatical temperature control system,up and down limit temperature setting, digital display.

2. This product design accords to international standard,definitely safe when using.

3. Time meter controls constant temperature time,can turn off at a fixed time.

4. One control box,centralized control and easy operation.


1. Temperature rises quickly;extremely efficient in preserving heat;service life over 10 years;

2. Easy to operate and maintain;

3. After curing oven baking,the powder coated parts will be very durable and antirust.

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