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Electrostatic Powder Coating Production Lines

Pre-treatment: hanging → degreasing soaking (3-5min, 50-60℃) → clear water soaking I (0.5-1 min) → clear water soaking II (0.5-1 min) → phosphating soaking (1-2min) → Soak in clean water I (0.5-1 min) → soak in clean water II (0.5-1 min) → hang down → drain and dry.Powder spray coating: upper hanging→spraying (automatic, manual spraying)→baking curing (180-220℃ adjustable, 15min)→cooling→down hanging.
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1. Basic parameters (example only)

1.1. Workpiece dimensions (mm*mm*mm):

1.2 Production site (m*m):

2. Process flow and capacity

1. Pre-treatment: hanging → degreasing soaking (3-5min, 50-60℃) → clear water soaking I (0.5-1 min) → clear water soaking II (0.5-1 min) → phosphating soaking (1-2min) → Soak in clean water I (0.5-1 min) → soak in clean water II (0.5-1 min) → hang down → drain and dry.

2. Powder spray coating: upper hanging→spraying (automatic, manual spraying)→baking curing (180-220℃ adjustable, 15min)→cooling→down hanging.

3. Equipment process description and structure design

1. Pre-treatment soaking tank

Tank size: L2900×W1400×H2300 (mm).

The skeleton of the immersion tank is a 50×100 galvanized carbon steel square tube, and the tank wall is made of 15mm thick engineering PP rubber sheet.

2. Hoisting equipment: 1 electric hoist with a power of 500w and a maximum hoisting weight of 300kg.

3. Support frame: material 10# I-beam, specification size is L4100×H6000 (mm), quantity is 12 sets.

4. Track: The material is 10# I-beam, the length is 15 meters.

5. Conveying equipment

Conveying equipment is mainly composed of electric drives, heavy hammer tensioning mechanisms, chains, rails, curved rails, telescopic rails, inspection rails, automatic refueling devices, brackets, electrical control systems, automatic overload protection devices, etc. The UH-5075-HA standard heavy-duty suspension conveyor chain is adopted, with a double-point hoisting weight of 100Kg, and a slag receiving plate is installed under the conveyor chain to prevent oil residue from the chain in the track from falling onto the workpiece; electric drive 1.5kw, chain speed Vmax≈1- 1.5m/min, install two sets of electric drives. All key parts of the line are equipped with catenary emergency stop switches, and the drive installation is equipped with mechanical and electrical double safety protection.

Schedule 1:

Conveyor chain model UH-5075-HA heavy-duty suspension chain with a pitch of 150mm and a total length of 93 meters.

Hanging load-bearing The spreader has a load-bearing capacity of 50kg with an interval of 300mm.

The track adopts C-shaped structure and 3.5mm steel plate. Total length 75 meters

Tension adjustment equipment Heavy hammer type, diameter 4200mm.

Drive equipment: crawler type, reduction ratio 1:50, motor power 1.5kw, frequency conversion speed regulation.

Chain speed The design process chain speed is: V=1.2m/min (1.0-1.5m/min steplessly adjustable)

Fuel dispenser 1 set

5. High temperature baking furnace

The frame of the high-temperature baking furnace chamber and the support frame are made of profiled materials, which are made of 50×100 materials with a thickness of 3.0mm. The insulation board is made of 125mm rock wool socket insulation board. The inner and outer boards of the insulation board are galvanized sheets with a thickness of 0.7mm. The middle layer is filled with 100K rock wool insulation material. 15°C higher than the ambient temperature. Install 1 set of heat-breaking air curtain at the entrance and exit, using the hot air in the isolation furnace; the material of the heat-breaking air curtain is 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet, the blower is a 4-72-3.2A centrifugal fan, and the air volume is 3000M3/h motor The power is 3kw.

6. Heating system

The heating device adopts LPG direct combustion method for heating. The outdoor side panel of the hot blast stove is made of 1mm thick color-coated steel plate; the thickness of the insulation layer is 100-150mm, and the material is rock wool and aluminum silicate. The inner plate of the combustion furnace holding cabinet is made of 1.0mm thick 304 stainless steel plate; the burner adopts a linear proportional adjustment gas Japanese Zhengying burner with a maximum output of 300,000 kcal, which can automatically adjust the size of the combustion flame according to the temperature to achieve the baking temperature More stable.

The temperature control system is equipped with 2 sets of temperature controls to control the temperature in the hot blast stove and the baking oven (the system will automatically be constant at the set baking temperature); the circulating fan is connected to the burner interlockingly, and the system will automatically shut down the combustion when the circulating fan fails The system is equipped with protection circuits such as over-temperature and short-circuit of phase loss. The circulating fan adopts a GW-8C, 15kw plug-in temperature-resistant fan, with a circulating air volume of 25000000M3/h. The temperature in the baking room is automatically controlled by the digital temperature controller from heating and temperature control, and the sound and light alarm will prompt when the temperature is over.

Attached Table 2: High-temperature baking furnace configuration

Baking chamber body The specification of the high-temperature baking furnace is 12000*6050*3900mm (L×W×H).

Temperature requirements Natural gas LPG heating, indoor tolerance temperature ±5℃, furnace outer wall temperature does not exceed room temperature 10℃, temperature is adjustable and constant temperature, the highest baking temperature can reach 220℃.

The air curtain is insulated from heat. One 3kw centrifugal fan with an air volume of 3000M3/h.

Chamber system: High temperature baking furnace thickness ≥125mm insulation board, outer board 0.7mm color steel plate, inner board 0.7mm galvanized steel plate, inner filling 100k rock wool insulation and flame-retardant material. The frame material is 50×100 square tube

Heating device The burner uses the brand of Japan's Zhengying brand, the standard of the drying furnace heat is 300,000 kcal, and the overall size of the hot blast stove: 3000*2000*1800mm (L×W×H). Hot air furnace body insulation board 1.0mm thick color-coated steel plate, 1.0mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate, 100-1500mm thick rock wool and aluminum silicate insulation material in the middle, set a set of 800*1600mm (W×H) Repair door.

Hot air circulation

System 1. The circulating air duct in the chamber adopts a square tube and a 1.0mm thick galvanized steel structure.

2. The circulating fan adopts a GW-8C, 15kw plug-in temperature-resistant fan with a circulating air volume of 25000000M3/h. The hot air is blown out from the bottom air duct of the baking room and recycled from the top air return duct. The air duct can be set up. The air outlet for adjusting the air volume.

3. Exhaust gas is discharged directly, and an exhaust port is set.

7. Engineering plastic cyclone spraying room

1) Working principle:

Under the suction action of the fan, negative pressure is formed in the powder spraying room to prevent the powder from overflowing outside the powder spraying room. After the powder is filtered by the filter element, the clean air is discharged, and the powder falls in the powder spraying room. Most of the powder enters the large cyclone tube, and then is pumped by the powder pumping system to the large powder bucket and circulated to the spray gun. The recovery system is equipped with pulses. The back-blowing automatic cleaning function, through the pulse controller, opens the pulse valve regularly, opens the compressed air in the air bag, and blows off the powder on the filter element to ensure that the filter element has sufficient ventilation at any time. The large cyclone recovery system enters the filter element with very little powder , It can ensure the continuous good recovery effect. The indoor exhaust system is adopted, and there is no secondary pollution at the air outlet of the fan.

2) Features of Cyclone Recovery Structure

The recovery cabinet is mainly divided into six parts, namely: spray booth exhaust pipe, primary cyclone cabinet, secondary pulse filter cabinet, fan exhaust/exhaust pipe, fan system, and electric control cabinet.

A. The exhaust pipe of the spraying chamber is the exhaust pipe connecting the powder spraying chamber and the recovery equipment. The powder-containing gas enters the recovery equipment from the spraying chamber through the pipeline for recovery processing. It adopts flange connection structure, sealed and welded by δ1.5mm steel plate, and the exterior is sprayed with plastic or paint.

B. The first-level cyclone cabinet is a large cyclone powder recovery processing system, with an all-steel structure design and an overall plastic spray treatment. The middle part is equipped with a cyclone tube; the upper part is a cyclone box with multiple inspection and cleaning windows, equipped with an internal powder self-cleaning device; the lower part is a first-level powder recovery box, which is connected by a lock, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. The materials used are: 80×80 square pass, angle steel, δ1~1.5mm steel plate, etc.

C. The secondary pulse filter cabinet is a pulse back-blowing filter element powder recovery processing system, all-steel structure design, and overall spray treatment. The upper part is a pulse box, equipped with a pulse gas tank, 12 sets of pulse valves and a solenoid valve, as well as related circuits and gas circuit structures; the middle part is a filter box with 24 sets of rotary wing filter elements built in, with excellent filtering performance and long service life; The bottom is a secondary powder recovery box with a side-opening door structure design, which is easy to use. The materials used are: 40×40 square pass, angle steel, δ1~2mm steel plate and related accessories, etc.

D. The fan suction pipe is the suction pipe connecting the secondary pulse filter cabinet and the fan system. The clean air filtered by the filter element enters the fan system through the pipe. It adopts flange connection structure, sealed and welded with δ1.5mm steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic or paint.

E. The fan system is composed of a 4-72 large centrifugal fan with a power of 37.0KW and an air volume of 23,000 cubic meters per hour. It is equipped with a fan silencer system, and the fan is controlled in a star to triangle shape.

F. The electric control cabinet is the control center of the Cyclone II powder recovery cabinet. The Cyclone II powder recovery controller uses a microcomputer chip for automatic control, program flow instructions, and uses famous brand electronic control components to automatically control fans and pulses and cleanup. And other functions.

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