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Bus Spray Booth With 3D Lifter

Bus paint booth With 3D Lifter.If a bus painting booth has 3D Lifter,it will be more convenient for workers to do bus painting,therefore,it will save labor costs and improve the work efficiency.
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Bus Paint Booth With 3D Lifter. 

Part 1: The specifications of paint spray booth is as below.

1. Inside dimension:L15xW5xH5m。

2. Front doors for enterance:4pcs of blue big doors with aluminum frame,size: 4.8x6m.3 pcs of services doors.

3. Lighting Fixtures: Ceiling lights has 18 groups,each group has 4 pcs of light tubes, side lights has 22 groups, each group has 2pcs of light tubes.

4. Without basement,side air extraction.

5. Room body:75mm thickness EPS,0.476mm colorful steel thickness.

6. Three groups of air cabinets:each group has 2 sets of 5.5kw inlet fans and 1 set of 7.5kw outlet fans.

7. Three groups of heating system: Each group has 1 set of RG5S diesel burner.

Part 2: 3D car lifter is supplementary equipment that used in automobiles, trains and other large or medium-sized work piece. It has high rigidity, stability, rational layout, easy operation, operation of safe and reliable etc. It is the most ideal lifting equipment for reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency;

2. Structure

The 3D lift consists of vertical support post, working table, upper rail, down rail, convey system and anti-explosion control box . It can move left and right, upper and down and towards the front also.

3.The basic technical parameters for reference.

Working table size (L×W):


Longitudinal moving distance

Depends on the internal length of  booth

Longitudinal moving speed


Vertical lifting height:


Vertical lifting speed


Lateral extending distance:


Max. Loading:


Power supply

380V/50Hz/3Phase,220V/415/60Hz/50Hz etc can be customized

Total power




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