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Truck Wheel Alignment For Sale

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1. True truck wheel alignment principle (Use axis of frame to be alignment base).A complete end to the domestic manufacturers used car alignment principle (Use rear thrust line to be alignment base) instead of truck alignment, can do alignment for any complex multi-axis of the carts (including buses, trailers, trucks, etc.)

2. CCD High-precision measurement of ultra-long distance systems, solving the problems of inaccuracy of laser measurement and short distance of traditional CCD measurement.

3. The use of 2,4,6 or 8 sensors (standard for 4 sensors)measurements can be required at the same time.

4. Standard Bluetooth wireless communication systems, with anti-jamming frequency-hopping automatically and faster transmission.

5. Comprehensive measurement of the angle, in addition to the usual toe-in, camber, caster, but also on the rear axle inaccuracy, the main and steering wheels parallel, parallel between the rear axles, the max. turning angle, 20 degrees anti-toe-in measurement.



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