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The Explanation Of Car Spray Paint Booth

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The Explanation Of Car Spray Paint Booth

Spray paint booth has many names,such as paint booth,spray booth,paint room,paint oven,paint chamber etc,it is generally used to spray and bake paint, so the most accurate description of the paint room should be "car spray paint room."
The traditional car paint is artificial semi-mechanized, the first work efficiency is not high, artificial paint work complex, high technical level requirements, consumption, paint quality is difficult to guarantee, frequent accidents, difficult to environmental standards, easy to cause personal injury, To enterprises and institutions to bring high cost, high consumption, but also affect the production of enterprises and institutions progress.
However, with the progress of scientific and technological development, modern car paint also keep up with the footsteps of the times, the emergence of car paint room, will lead the huge development of automotive paint industry, the automotive industry is a big step forward.
First, the early processing fast, the effect is better: car paint room is a set of large equipment. Before the use of the car generally go through pre-treatment. This will not only remove the drawbacks of manual processing, improve work efficiency and can improve the quality of paint repair operations in the paint. This is not only because the paint room can be set in accordance with the operator to make the paint evenly heated and quickly drying, and the paint room can be isolated from the external dust and other pollutants on the paint caused by pollution, so you can save the subsequent polishing and other paint treatment jobs.
Second, the working environment is good. Car paint room In order to keep the air in the paint room clean, various types of paint room are equipped with a filter device, such as filter cotton, used to filter into the paint room air dust, and the paint room ventilation system will paint room There is sufficient ventilation rate, so as to ensure that the paint room air clean. In many cases, the pollution of the body paint is caused by human factors, such as the vehicle to be sprayed without thorough cleaning into the paint room, or paint the staff did not wear a special protective clothing, or paint the room is not clean and so on.
Third, the work of high efficiency, quality assurance. Compared to artificial painting, paint, car paint room is mechanized "one-stop" service, work efficiency to several times higher, or even several times. Smooth and smooth finish without impurities, high degree of polishing.
Fourth, the high safety factor. Car paint room is generally equipped with constant temperature controller and safety explosion-proof system.
Paint room set paint and paint as one, often known as the paint room, the advantage is to save the site, easy to use, while the primer, finish for dry, to speed up the pace of work, improve work efficiency and coating quality.

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