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Protable Car Pulling Machine

  • WLD-900B
  • WeiLongDa

1. WLD-900B is the advanced frame-style vehicle-body collision repair system that WeiLongDa factory introduced from Europe. 

2. It is made with extra care referring to the brand-new criteria of western countries. 

3. It has many features such as flexible move, convenient operation, and small area covering and so on which is the indispensable equipment of various large-scale car repair companies. 


Power Supply: 380V 

Max. Load Capacity: 2500kg

Working-bench Length: 3230mm

Working-bench Width: 880mm

Working-bench Height: 140-1400mm

Equipment Overall Weight: 1520kg

Hydraulic Power: 69MPa

Pulling Tower Height: 1800mm

Air Supply Required: 100PS

Oil Tank Pulling: 10T

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