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Exhaust Waste Gas Treatment Of Automotive Paint Booth

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Exhaust Waste Gas Treatment Of Automotive Paint Booth

Many companies produce painting processes, such as furniture painting, automotive painting, parts painting, construction machinery painting, etc., the painting process must produce paint exhaust. According to environmental protection requirements, the purification treatment of paint exhaust gas includes the purification of paint mist (particulate matter) and the purification of vocal such as toluene, xylene and non-methane total hydrocarbons. Through years of practical experience, it is recommended that the company's water spray tower + UV photo-oxidation exhaust gas purification device purification treatment program to solve the problem of paint exhaust emissions. Exhaust air outlet→pipeline→water spray tower→UV photooxidation waste gas purification device→centrifugal fan→purification after reaching the standard discharge process flow chart Water spray tower organic gas purification tower is a two-phase reverse flow packed absorption tower. The paint exhaust gas enters the purification tower from the air inlet below the exhaust gas treatment tower body, and the fan rapidly fills the air inlet section space and rises to the first stage filler absorption section. On the surface of the filler, the acidic (or alkaline) substance in the gas phase chemically reacts with the alkaline (or acidic) substance in the liquid phase, and the reaction-generating substance (mostly soluble acid (alkali)) flows into the lower storage liquid with the absorption liquid. groove. The acidic (or alkaline) gas that is not fully absorbed continues to rise into the first stage spray section. Numerous fine droplets are formed in intimate mixing with the gas, and a chemical reaction continues, and then the acidic (alkaline) gas rises to the secondary packing section and the spray section to perform an absorption process similar to that of the first stage. The uppermost part of the exhaust gas treatment tower is a defogging section, and the absorbing liquid mist trapped in the gas is removed here, and the treated clean air is discharged into the atmosphere from the upper exhaust pipe of the exhaust gas purification tower.

After filtering out the exhaust gas of the paint mist into the UV light oxidation purification equipment, firstly, cracking is generated under the irradiation of the UV ultraviolet light beam, and the molecular bonds such as ammonia and benzene contained in the exhaust gas are broken, so that it becomes a small molecule of pollutant or The molecular chain is broken, and the ultraviolet light decomposes the oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen. Because of the imbalance of the positive and negative electrons of the free oxygen, it needs to combine with the oxygen molecules to generate ozone. At this time, the small molecules in the free state combine with the oxidation of ozone. A harmless or low-harming compound such as carbon dioxide and water. The purified paint exhaust gas composition can meet the EIA requirements and then discharged through a 15-meter discharge pipe.

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